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Combine Reiki with counselling and/or guided meditation to order up your ideal session! Most in person healings include a hand scan assessment, aura clearing and crystals. 


People who have previously taken the level 1, 2 or master's course can be re-attuned. Both a traditional and non-traditional attunement is given.   

Intergenerational Healing

Intergenerational Healing helps recipients to overcome traumas that have been passed on through their ancestral line by relatives who did not resolve their issues. The objective is to clear ancestral trauma so it is also not passed to future generations.


Focusing is a way to reduce  emotional and physical imbalances through emotional awareness and self knowledge.

Crystal Layouts

Crystals are placed on the body and under the massage table to assist with improvement of emotional/physical issues.

Distant Healings

Stephanie leads her team in a distant healing that can be sent anywhere in the world. Sessions are available by phone or Zoom or you may choose to receive your healing privately.

Inner Child

The practitioner helps the client to connect with and make peace with their inner child.

Aura Clearing

Aura clearing detoxifying and protects the aura. It clears diseased energy, emotions and toxins eg from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Micro Crystal Method TM

The use of crystals in the energy field to assess and heal diseased and emotional imbalances in a limb, eye, tumour, chakra etc.

Toning/Sound Healing

The practitioner sings the notes of the scale to balance and clear the chakras.

Lords of Karma Method (Diane Stein)

With this technique we approach "the Council" to request a revision in your personal blue print. It's used for repetitive trauma, abuse and physical illness.

Cord Cutting

A technique for cutting negative karmic cords from toxic relationships including: heart breaking romantic connections, family, assault/abuse etc.

The Reiki Haircut TM

A micro method for assessing and balancing the brain. Useful for emotional/mental health and developmental issues etc. 

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